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Puppy Parties


Where do the puppies come from?

We are a family owned kennel in Torrance. We breed maltese, yorkie, doxie, and shih tzu. We live on the premise and all the puppies are hand raised by us.

What happens to the puppies when they aren’t puppies anymore?

We sell our puppies to local, private owners only. We do not ship them or sell to pet stores. We start selling them when they are puppies and keep them until they find their permanent home. We do not sell the puppies until they are at least 10 weeks old. By the time they do go home, they are very well rounded pups. They are crate trained, used to car travel, and very used to kids.

Can I buy a puppy at the party if I see one I like?

We do not sell the puppies at the parties. We will give you a card and you can call us to arrange an appointment for you to come down and see them.

What do I need to provide for the puppies to come to my party?

While we are there, we need a fully dry and fully shaded area that is about 10′ x10′. Concrete or any other hard surface is preferred. It’s easier to clean up on and everything stays more sanitary. Garages work very well for the pups.

I’d like the pups to come to a carnival. What would you need from us for that?

Carnivals are very different from birthday parties. At carnivals, we still need the dry and shaded area. However, we do need to be blocked off so that people can not gather around the pen. It makes it very difficult for us to get in and out of the pen when it is completely surrounded by people. We also need a helper to maintain a line. Without a line, people get very angry if they get skipped or feel they have waited longer than someone else.

What if it rains or is really hot or I don’t have shade outside?

We can easily do indoors. Since we put down a tarp, wherever we set up will be protected.

Is it ok for other people to bring their own dogs to the party?

Definitely NO. Even though our dogs are very friendly, they do not take kindly to dogs they don’t know. They will bark and try to get out of the pen the entire time that they can even see another dog. This makes for an unpleasant puppy experience, especially if a child is already nervous about dogs. Same goes for any other type of animal, i.e. horses, bunnies, or farm animals.

How many kids do you recommend for a party?

In the pen we can fit about 10 kids at a time comfortably. When you have about 15 or more kids at a party, we need to split them into groups and have them take turns going in with the pups. So, we can accommodate a large number of kids at a party. But, they will just have less time in with the pups. Adding more time for larger groups is an option.

Do you do anything special for the birthday child?

We pay extra attention to the birthday child, making sure they have the puppy of their choice. Also with larger parties, where we have to do groups, the birthday child gets to stay in as long as they want. They do not have to switch with the groups.

How many puppies do you bring?

We bring out 10 dogs total. 2-3 of those are small adults, either the moms with some of the younger pups or a couple of our party regulars. The rest will range in age from about 3-7 months.


Can I pick what types come out?

Of the types of dogs that we breed, you can request certain types. We do our best to fulfill those requests, but it does come down to what breeds we have at the time of the party.

Reptile Parties


What types of reptiles do you bring?

To the parties, we bring out different types of snakes, different types of lizards, frog, tortoises, tarantula and giant hissing cockroaches.


Are they poisonous or do they bite?

None of our animals are poisonous and they do not bite. These are all our pets and most have been in our care for many years. They are very well socialized and used to be handled.


Do we get to hold them?

Absolutely. Our shows are very hands on. You get to hold or touch everything.


Is there anything special you do for the birthday child?

The birthday child gets to be our helper. He/ she gets to stand up front with us and hold or touch everything first. But this is only if they want to. We’ve had kids who just aren’t comfortable with the attention and that’s ok. We do not push them. We only do what they are comfortable with.

What do we need to provide for the party?

We need a 4′ table or larger to work off of. We also need a flat, shaded area that is large enough for the table, a few other containers, and for your guests to be comfortable in.

What if it is raining or just to cold outside?

We can easily move them indoors. Garages work out very well for that sort of thing. The reptiles do not like the cold as much as your guests don’t.

Do we need to wash our hands before or after?

It’s always a good idea to wash your hands afterwards.

What if the animals make a mess?

Accidents do happen with the reptiles. But we clean it up.

Do we get to feed the animals at the shows?

Our large tortoises will say absolutely and thank you. If you’d like to provide produce for the tortoises, you will not be denied. But it is not required for you to do so. Great options are lettuce, carrots, strawberries, melons, or broccoli. No citrus please.

I’d like the reptiles for a carnival. What do we need to provide?

We would need a few six foot tables since we do have a lot of animals out for display and touching. If you charge tickets, then we would need a volunteer there to collect them. If there’s someone willing to volunteer to just be a helper for the time we are there, that’s always appreciated as well.

Can we take pictures of the animals?

Of course. It’s encouraged. But do try to keep the flashes to a minimum.

How many kids is an average sized party?

Average sized reptile parties are about 20 kids. We can accommodate more guests, but in an average length party (1 hour), it will cut down on the amount of time the kids have to hold the animals since we try to show as many animals as we can within the time frame of the party.

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