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My Daughter and her friends had THE best time. I think one of the puppies is going to have a home and someone else wanted a job.  What a great experience!!”

Tanya E. – Los Angeles, CA.

“Booked the puppies party for my daughter’s birthday – everyone loved it! Emma, the lady in charge, arrived early to set up and was wonderful with kids. All puppies were happy, clean and looked healthy. There were 14 kids ages 2 to 8, none of them cared about other entertainment we invited. They were all inside the enclosure playing with puppies for the entire 2 hours! At one point one of the puppies had to do #1 right next to my daughter’s birthday dress – before i could open my mouth and scream nnnnooooo! – Emma squirted the puddle with disinfectant and wiped it off ! Great service, I would recommend to everyone looking for this particular kind of entertainment.”

Kathy M. – Valley Village, CA.

“I have been using Puppies and Reptiles for children’s parties and school presentations for years, I think since the first year they were in business.  Puppies are always clean and smell nice.  Have never had a problem with the staff that comes with them Virgil is always a pleasure to deal with and I look forward to having them every year!  If I could keep a puppy I would  Am seriously considering booking them for my own birthday!  The children LOVE LOVE LOVE the puppies.  Have also gotten the Reptiles and they are always a hit.  Kids love touching snakes and looking at giant hissing bug things!”

J.D. – Beverly Hills, CA.


“Just had my granddaughter’s 8th birthday party at my house yesterday. Beth brought about 15 reptiles. ALL the kids (about 25) and ALL the adults just loved ALL of the reptiles.  As each animal comes out it gets better and better. Beth was great with the kids and we all thought her presentation was very educational and fun. I would highly recommend this company.”

Robyn S. – Torrance, CA.

“As a preschool owner/director in Huntington Beach for over 34 years, I have hired a multitude of educational guests. I would put Puppies and Reptiles for Parties at the top of my list. We have used their service for several years and they never disappoint. In fact, our Puppy Day is a highlight each year for children and staff. The puppies are healthy, clean, energetic, and adorable! They always send a friendly, experienced handler who keeps the event running smoothly. She encourages the children to pet and play with the cuddly puppies. We post photos of the puppy event on our Facebook page and it’s always a huge hit with parents. Several of our families have hired Puppies and Reptiles for birthday parties and their experience has always been positive. If you hire Puppies and Reptiles, you will have a memorable celebration and your guests will be impressed with your ability to plan the perfect party!”

Patty Y. – Laguna Beach, CA.

“These puppies are SO CUTE and sweet and as far as I know, the prices are great. They were so clean too!”

Morgan G. – Los Angeles, CA.


I just wanted to send a thank you and to let you know what an incredible time we had today. My son said it was one of the happiest moments of his life!  Your puppies and dogs were absolutely adorable, playful, and sweet!  Jonathan helped keep everything tidy and went above and beyond the call of duty. He was so kind to each child and was unbelievably patient. He was a true professional and a delight to have in our home!  I can’t thank you enough for providing such a wonderful party. We can’t wait to do it again one day soon!

Allison M.

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